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Sam Kerr

7.30 AM

Wake up and jump in the shower. I scoff down a quick cereal breakfast at home, it’s going to be a busy day, so I will need all the brain food I can get. Realise that I will need to do some last minute ironing, as I have no shirts ready to go, before jumping in the car. I’m lucky that I live quite close to work, so the commute is a breeze.

8.45 AM

I arrive at the office and catch up with my colleagues. My team likes to get to the office early, as it is the prime time to be productive before getting caught up in meetings all day. The mornings are a great time to catch up with the team and see what the plan is for the day ahead.

9.00 AM

Once I have logged in, the first order of business is to check the calendar to see what appointments I have during the day. There is a meeting with a customer in the city at 2.00pm today, meaning I will have to leave the office by 1.00pm.

I also flick through the inbox to see if any urgent matters have come through overnight. I seem to be in the clear today, meaning I can prepare for the upcoming meetings that I have today. Taking the time to prepare for meetings is a habit I quickly learned since beginning with Fujitsu. This ensures meetings are productive.

Fujitsu Sam Kerr 2

10.00 AM

I am currently involved in bidding for a multi-million dollar opportunity with a large retail company. The bid manager has set up daily meetings in order to ensure alignment across the bid team. I am required to give an update on any outstanding and closed actions. I inform them that I have met with the commercial team who has given me a list of mitigation to be included in the response file.

The team have asked that I put together an executive summary to be submitted. This will need to be finalised for review and submission by the end of the week. This task is a vital one, as this will provide the customer with an overview of the whole proposal, and be their first impression.

I catch up with the Sales lead, to get an understanding of key win themes and customer pain points to focus on. He has given me a previous submission to help shape my response.

Following this I have a one on one meeting to discuss my current workload with the NSW Sales State Manager.  She has a number of areas that she wants me to focus on over the coming 2 month period. One of the great things about working at Fujitsu is the availability of management. They provide a great level of support, which has helped me find my feet since coming into the program.

Fujitsu Sam Kerr 3

11.30 AM

I have a coffee catch up with a senior sales colleague to discuss my customer meeting later in the day. He has a previous relationship with the individual from a previous role, and is more than willing to help me out. I am keen to pick his brain to get a good understanding of the individual and his role.

12.00 PM

Lunch time! This would have to be my favourite part of the day. I heat up my food and head outside to the usual lunch spot. I like to get outside on my break, as I feel the fresh air does me a world of good. There is a solid lunch crew at the office, and we eat together most days. On Fridays we will often head out to one of the local restaurants to grab a bite. The group consists of some of the younger people in the office, and we have all become good friends.

Lunch is a great chance to recharge the batteries and discuss things that are happening both at work and importantly outside of work. Connecting with colleagues on a social level makes the whole working experience a positive one.

2.00 PM

I have my customer meeting in the city. I am quite nervous about this as it is my first time meeting the customer, and one of the first meetings that I am attending as the sole representative from Fujitsu.

We have identified that there is an opportunity in the field services space, so I will be discussing some of our capabilities. As this is an initial discussion, I suggest we meet in the coffee shop in his building, as I want the meeting to be in a casual format.

The meeting has gone very well, and the customer has been very receptive. I have identified some specific pain points in his business that aligns well to Fujitsu’s capability.

I inform the customer that I will send him over some case studies of similar use cases his way, and organise to have a follow up discussion in two weeks time. Success! Securing a follow up meeting is a good achievement from my meeting today, which I am very pleased with. I will bring in a Subject Matter Expert from the field services team for the next meeting, to dig deeper into the finer details.

Fujitsu Sam Kerr 4

3.30 PM

During my commute back to the office I have to jump on an all of National Sales conference call. The Vice President of Sales is presenting some key executive updates. These sessions are vital, as they give you an understanding of the direction of the company. Fujitsu is constantly adapting and evolving due to the fast paced nature of the Information Technology Services Industry.

5.00 PM

I arrive back at the office and make some last minute phone calls before heading off home for the day. Fingers crossed the traffic is not too bad!

Fujitsu Sam Kerr 6

6.00 PM

I have organised to play basketball with some friends, so we meet up at the local courts. Maintaining an active lifestyle is very important to me particularly when working in an office setting. This is also a great time to socialise with some friends from outside the office. A healthy work life balance is key to ensuring productivity at work, and this is something that Fujitsu heavily encourages!  

7.30 PM

Dinner at home tonight, hopefully Mum has cooked up a storm! It is nice to be able to spend time with the family at the end of the day. I might watch a bit of Netflix following dinner, as I can’t stand the reality shows that are on TV during the week.