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Adrian Leonheart

What roles have you taken on as part of this program?
During the Graduate Program I worked in a range of teams and technical roles that included: Technical Analyst, Database Programmer, Software Tester, and Infrastructure Engineer.

Currently I am working as a Technical Consultant, responsible for performing and creating the Integration Acceptance Test (IAT) on the Windows 8.1 SOE (Standard Operating Environment) for our client. This involves testing and integrating Windows with varying forms of HPE hardware and investigating any issues that are raised by the client. In short I get to play with a variety of hardware and try to break them.

What has been your biggest achievement to date?
My biggest achievement would be setting up a proof-of-concept demonstration environment for a potential client. I worked with a range of engineers to help install and setup a range of software products to conduct a demonstration in our environment. I was responsible for setting up the infrastructure so that the software could be installed. Working with a variety of engineers on this project helped me extend my network and enabled me to obtain the role I have today.

What skills have you developed through these roles?
During the Graduate Program I helped organize a range of work-related events and took part in a variety of volunteering events which aimed to give back to the community, so I was able to develop strong team work skills. By developing and delivering multiple presentations for my team I’ve greatly improved my ability to effectively present information. Finally, I was able to increase my understanding of HPE products and also the products of HPE partners through practical experience and working with different subject matter experts.

What in your opinion is the key to a successful career at HPE?
I’ve found adaptability, being able to solve problems and communicate effectively with a variety of people have been critical to my initial success at HPE. Adaptability is key. I was only able to have the experience I had because I was flexible and was able to adapt to whatever came my way.
Problem solving is a highly desirable skill. It’s great if you can look at a big problem from different angles, different views and be able to break it into smaller problems, as well as understand when you need to ask for help. Throughout my time at HPE I have worked with people from different nationalities, skill sets, languages and cultures. This has taught me valuable interpersonal skills and shown me that everyone has a different way of getting things done.