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Emma studied a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Business at UTS and is a Graduate Investment Analyst at Lendlease.

1. Describe your Graduate Program experience? (roles, rotations, projects etc.)

I joined the Finance Graduate program in 2014, commencing my first year rotation within the Group Internal Audit function. I have since completed a second rotation within the Construction Project Accounting and Reporting team and am excited about my final rotation within the Urban Regeneration New Business team. Through each rotation, I have undertaken a diverse range of tasks from planning and executing audits to performing project analytics. Additionally, I’ve had the opportunity to be involved in Learning and Development programs focusing on influencing skills and excel skills development. The graduate program has also been great in providing exposure to senior business leaders through annual events such as the Finance Graduate summit.

2. What do you love about Lendlease or what has been your proudest moment at Lendlease and why?

A key aspect that definitely stands out at Lendlease is the work environment. I have been incredibly fortunate to work with amazing teams where graduates are treated as respected members of the team who can be trusted with meaningful work. Each of the teams I have worked with have been very open and approachable, where I always feel that I am encouraged to challenge myself and ask questions to thoroughly understand and deal with diverse problems.

3. Reflecting on your experience to date, what has been your biggest learning curve either on the job or through the structured L&D courses? 

As with any job, I would say that the biggest learning curve is whenever I commence a new role where you have to initially get up to speed with what work the team is currently involved in. Given the rotations I have undertaken, each role has been in quite a different area, from audit to project accounting to investment analysis. With each role, I have been able to transfer common skills such as problem solving or technical excel skills however there are new skills that I need to develop which contributes to a steeper learning curve. For example, with investment analysis, I have been introduced to financial modelling, which is something I have not previously been involved in. Although the learning curve may be steeper due to this, it is an exciting opportunity where I can build upon my existing skill set and develop additional technical abilities.

4. What’s the best piece of career advice you have been given?

When you are thinking about your next career move, really focus on whether the work will motivate and excite you, because then you will reach your highest potential. Challenge yourself and really think about what is best for you in regards to your long term professional development.

5. If you could give one piece of advice to people interested in joining Lendlease on the Graduate Program, what would you say?

Lendlease is a great place to work if you wish to be exposed to diverse work opportunities across various business areas. The Finance Graduate program is especially a rewarding experience if you are inquisitive, eager to learn and constantly challenge yourself to reach your highest potential.